Woojin Kim (wk2246)

Homework for Class 8

Ranking points of top ATP players at the end of 2013

ATP ranking points of five selected players from 2004 to 2013 are shown below. Roger Federer's dominance until mid-2008 is clearly shown. There was a major adjustment in points given per tournamnent in 2009, which is shown as a large jump in the graph for all the players. The difference in scale after the adjustment makes it difficult to compare players of different eras using just ranking points. Also notable is the incredible slope shown by Novak Djokovic's 2011 season, widely regarded as one of the finest tennis seasons in the history of tennis.

Data provided by Tennis Abstract.

*There are many circles as a result of weekly release of ranking points, so the radius was made small. but also harder to find and hover over.
How about an adventure to find ranking point circles?